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"Sinya at night....the lights on the path, a soak in the tub, comfy robes, a glass of wine on the veranda, a cool breeze (in August!), watching the stars and then seeing the moon rise over the treetops....

absolutely magical!"

"It's really the best of all worlds... like camping in your parents' backyard when you were a kid, only with all the grown-up comforts you can imagine."

"It has been our favorite weekend getaway so far! Lynn didn't miss a single detail. Everything we needed was at our fingertips, plus more....... The view was amazing! We enjoyed relaxing and watching the wildlife..."


Why Camp when you can Glamp?

You pack up the tent, grab the kids and gather around the campfire with marshmallows. Traditional camping, right? Well, for those that are not into the "way back" way, check out the new way to "GLAMP!" (Part 1 of 2)...Watch video...​​​​


It's all about the amenities: 'Glamping' It with Ruben Galvan

Glamping is the new way to "rough it" while looking and feeling fabulous! KPRC Local 2's Ruben Galvan gives us a taste of "glamping!" (Part 2 of 2)...Watch Video​​​​


A Summer Weekend in Wimberley

By Sonia Smith

Since a twenty-hour flight to Nairobi isn’t in my near future, I decided awhile back to book the next available weekend stay, almost three months out, at Sinya, a handsome tan-and-green tent on a bluff overlooking Lone Man Creek, just outside Wimberley...Read more...​​​​


Hometown Getaways

By Elizabeth Branca

Texas’ natural wonders are aplenty, but San Antonians don’t need to venture very far for a stay in Shangri-La....Read more...​​​​

LIVE. LOVE. LUX. Inspired by Electrolux

Go Glamping

By Megan Mostyn-Brown

If you enjoy the concept of nature but loathe the thought of life without comfort and indoor plumbing, these five resorts let you “rough it” in the lap of luxury....Read more...​​​​


Eight Incredible Places to Sip Texas Wine in Texas

By Leanne Holley

...a collection of destinations to enjoy a glass or bottle of Texas wine, all as diverse and incredible as the state it hails from....Read more...​​​​

"...the sounds of the water and all the birds in the area

left us begging for

just one more night!!"

"This was my husband's and my second visit to Sinya and it was even more wonderful than the first one.​"


Southern Summer Escapes

Communing with nature isn’t always comfortable. But at four-year-old Sinya,...hikers, bird-watchers, and those looking to rough it in style can indulge their inner Hemingway, then scrub up in a refreshing outdoor shower. Or better yet, just relax on the veranda hammock with a glass of chilled Vermentino pressed from local grapes.  Read more...


5 intriguing Southern summer escapes

By Katia Hetter

Whatever your day, you can sit back on your veranda as the sun sets and enjoy a glass of local wine. You two will be all alone (no other tents or guests to distract you) to fall asleep in the king-size bed with goose down pillows and comforter. Wake up to the sounds of nature just outside your tent.  Read more...


Top 5: Camping to the Max

Top 5: Safaris at Sinya combine solitude and luxury -- in Texas Hill Country. Watch Video...


Where We're Going Glamping

By Alex Skjong, Contributor

For many people, the term “camping” conjures images of dirty sleeping bags, flimsy tents that provide little protection from the elements and more insects than all the bug spray in the world could handle. But experiencing the great outdoors can be a very comfortable and, dare we say, luxurious experience.  Read more...


Weekend Getaways: Fall Foliage Glamping

By April Maher

There’s a small window each fall when sleeping in the great outdoors still has appeal: the air is crisp but not cold, the sky is shockingly blue, and the trees are showing their colors. It’s the perfect time to try “glamping” (a.k.a. “glamorous camping”)—a trendy and luxurious type of camping. Read more...


Retreat to nature without roughing it: 'Glamping' packs comfort for time in the great outdoors

​By Nancy Flores

WIMBERLEY - Nature's soundtrack comes alive as night falls in the Texas Hill Country. Under a safari-style tent, a symphony of calls from birds, crickets and other creatures of the night serenades me. But at Sinya on Lone Man Creek in Wimberley, I was reminded that a relationship with nature doesn't always mean getting your hands dirty. Read more...


The glamorous outdoors: the 5 most luxurious glamping destinations

​By Chloe Schwarz

Leave your tents and sleeping bags at home: there’s a new type of camping that promises adventure and fun but without all the dirt and grime. “Glamping,” short for “glamorous camping,” is the fast growing trend that allows you to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors while residing inside a luxurious accommodation. Read more...


Luxury Camping: 5 Places to Go ‘Glamping’ in the U.S.

​By Angela Nazworth

If you’ve never heard of it before, “glamping” is exactly what it sounds like: traditional camping with a little glam. As a woman who was once the girl who requested a “clean stick” on which to roast her marshmallow during a family camping adventure, I understand the appeal of glamping. Read more...


Camping without all the hard work

​Interview by Betty Cross

Glamping...or Glamorous Camping has arrived in the Texas hill country. Watch video...


Weekend Getaway: Sinya on Lone Man Creek

​By Vincent Friedewald

Overview: Single structure, safari-style luxury retreat amid the treetops, made from a safari tent imported from Africa, modified for Central Texas, and fronting 300 feet of beautiful Lone Man Creek. Read more...


Sinya: The hidden Texas oasis that thinks it's Africa

By Samantha Sano

Need some time away? Don’t we all. Camping? Meh. Glamping? Yes, please. And in Texas, just a three-hour drive southwest from Dallas? This gets better...Read more...​​​​


Get Out Of Dodge

Five acres of total privacy. Outdoor showers. A Japanese hot tub with room for two.

Great, now that we’ve got your attention...Pack your bags for Sinya on Lone Man Creek, a safari tent for rent that’s outfitted with all your weekend-getaway necessities (that Japanese hot tub comes to mind), now open in the Texas Hill Country. Read more...​​​​

​MEN'S JOURNAL MJ Approved: Travel

A Wilderness Retreat in the Heart of Texas

By Phyllis Fong

...we were glad to find our own safari hideaway at Sinya on Lone Man Creek in the lush Texas Hill Country, minus the colonialism and the shooting of exotic game.  Read more...


3 Luxurious Camping Destinations

Camping is not usually considered a way to vacation in the lap of luxury. However, in recent years, with the downturn of the economy and heightened security requirements at airports, those with financial means are seeking new ways to enjoy themselves. Extreme luxury camping, which we will refer to as ‘glamping’ (glamorous camping) from this point forward, has become a novel experience luxury travelers are seeking out. Read more...


Glamping’ – The Latest Camping Experience

Lately there’s been a growing trend of ‘glamping’ – glamorous camping. What is it you ask, well, we’re talking fabulous teepees, tents and “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous” style cabins and lodges, with heated floors and the stuff you have at home only fancier– but mixed in with mother nature. Read more...


Let’s Go Glamping!

​If your chestnut and marigold-colored Céline sweater inspires you to seek out fiery fall foliage, and you can hear your silver Christopher Raeburn parachute parka calling for a wintry landscape, it may be time to go glamping. “Glamorous camping” has been on the rise in recent years as an easy, eco-friendly way to take in the splendor of the outdoors for less cost (and carbon) than jetting off to St. Moritz. Read more...

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