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Covid-19 Cleaning Protocol


We at Sinya on Lone Man Creek build on the best cleaning practices and health protocols developed over the last several months, allowing our guests to rest easy with us and focus on enjoying the unforgettable experiences we have to offer. 

Between reservations, Sinya is allowed to air-out with the AC/Heating system and fans turned off and doors and windows opened.  

These 11 points are performed by housekeeping while wearing a mask covering their mouth and nose and include disinfecting and sanitizing:

  1. AC/Heating System: Filters are removed and disinfected.

  2. Bed & bedding, towels, bathrobes: Headboard, side rails and footboard. All bed and bath linens including duvet covers, pillowcases, sheets,  towels, and bathrobes are washed at highest possible water temperature setting and completely dried

  3. Switches & electric controls: Lights, lamps, switches, and electronic controls.

  4. Handles & Knobs: Doors, drawers, furniture knobs, and drapery pull handles.

  5. Major bathroom surfaces: Toilet handles and seats, splash walls, shower/tub controls, and sink faucets

  6. Climate control panels: Entire climate control panels (inside and out)

  7. Remote controls: Handsets, fobs, and function buttons.

  8. Bath amenities: Bulk dispensers, individual amenities, tissue boxes, amenity trays, and hairdryer.

  9. Hard surfaces: Tables, desks, and nightstands

  10. In-house food and beverage: Cutlery, glassware, appliances large and small, kettle, coffeemaker, coffee capsules, pots, pans, dishes, cups, mixing bowls, etc.

  11. Curtains and fabric surfaces: Sprayed with a CDC-approved disinfectant.

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