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Couples Retreat

Sinya Exclusive Couples Retreat

-An intimate and private couples retreat of wellness and connection

Sinya on Lone Man Creek is now proud to be offering our Sinya Exclusive Couples Retreat: An intimate and private couples retreat of wellness and connection. Our retreat embodies three components of wellness: Relaxation, Connection, & Nutrition.


Enjoy 2 individualized therapeutic massages for 90 minutes. Guests are offered the best in an array of massage styles and techniques. From Swedish to deep-tissue. Let our renown massage therapists work out your stiff muscles and bring you to a place of peace and relaxation.


Focus on connection and the bond of love in a 90 minute therapeutic session with our masters level clinical therapist. Our guests will be their own creators of the session while our therapist navigates the experience to help build a deeper relationship focused on connection, intention, and peace.


Delight in a full day of farm-to-table gourmet meals. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be brought to you and served on bone china in the beautiful backdrop of Sinya’s surroundings. Our local chef creates meals that are nutritionally based, delicious and beautifully plated with edible flowers and richly colored local produce.


Retreat includes:


  • 2 nights

  • 90-minute couples therapeutic session focusing on connection, intention and presence.

  • 90-minute couple massages

  • 3 farm-to-table gourmet meals prepared by our local chef. Availability to our local chef, also a register dietitian, focusing on nutrition interaction and education.


*Please contact us to schedule your Couples Retreat on a date of your convenience.


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