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Susan Weems Smith

Owner & Operator

Inspired by a life-changing journey to Africa, Sinya is a quaint and secluded retreat for two located atop a ridge overlooking Lone Man Creek in Texas Hill Country.


The structure of Sinya is an authentic, custom-designed safari tent from South Africa and embodies the resilient spirit of its namesake, an orphaned baby elephant rescued by the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in southeastern Kenya. 

In 2009, Lynn Gallimore brought a little piece of Africa to Wimberley, Texas following a trip to Tanzania. Lynn’s process of building Sinya was a labor of love and passion. Soon after, Sinya was opened to guests and “the magic of Sinya” was shared.  Since then, it has evolved into an exclusive, highly sought-after retreat.

Rescued elephant Sinya,

our retreat's namesake

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